Perilla para Potenciometro 5 Roja

Perilla para Potenciometro 5 Roja
Documento sin t?tulo

Perilla para Potenciometro 5

compatible con nuestros potenciometros, listo para un acabado fino, con ajuste interno por tornillo


Red Chicken Head Knob - 14x20mm

Description:?Knobs are a great way to finish off your project and make it easier to adjust the level of your death ray. This knob mates to a 0.25" shaft with a set screw.

The main body of these knobs have a 14mm, but extend to 32mm overall. They also have a brass insert for a tighter fit with the shaft.


  • 14mm high
  • 20mm diameter
  • 6mm depth for shaft



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