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Servo Motor Grande Full Rotacion

Servo Motor Grande Full Rotacion
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Servo Motor Full Rotacion 360?


Servo - Full Rotation

sku: ROB-09347

Description:? Here, for all your mechatronic needs, is a simple, high quality continuous full-rotation servo motor. A standard 3-pin power and control cable is attached and all hardware shown is included.


  • Continuous 360? rotation
  • Rest point adjustment
  • Operating voltage: 4.8-6.0VDC
  • Top operating speed: 60-70RPM (4.8-6.0VDC respectively)
  • Torque: 3.3-4.8 kg/cm (4.8-6.0VDC respectively)
  • 4 plastic gears + 1 metal gear
  • Double ball bearing


  • 42 x 39.5 x 22.5mm
  • Wire length: 30cm
  • Weight: 44g




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