Adaptador Carro - USB Fuente de 5Vdc 650mA

Adaptador Carro - USB  Fuente de 5Vdc 650mA
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Adaptador Carro - USB Fuente de 5Vdc 650mA

Entrada de 12-24Vdc

Salida de 5V 650mAmp


Description: This is device that plugs into the 12-24V outlet in cars. It has a USB type A connector and can source 5V up to 650mA. This allows the user to charge or run a USB device in a car! We know - it's nothing too novel, but extremely handy if you've got a device that can charge over USB. The car adapter also works as a great 5V source to run many of our development boards.


  • Works in cars or trucks with 12V to 24V input
  • 5V max 650mA output
  • Replaceable fuse
  • Power on LED

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