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Teclado Touch capacitivo para Arduino

Teclado Touch capacitivo para Arduino
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Teclado Touch capacitivo para Arduino


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Teclado touch capacitivo para Arduino, basado en el sensor MPR121

  • 9 Pads capacitivos sensibles al tacto
  • Posibilidad para conectar otros 3 electrodos y tener un total de 12 botones táctiles
  • Un conversor de nivel lógico permite que pueda trabajar con Boards de arduino de 3.3V y 5V

Touch Shield

sku: DEV-10508 s

Description: The MPR121 IC is a great way to build simple capacitive touch interfaces, and now it's even easier to incorporate into your Arduino projects with the touch shield. The touch shield has 9 capacitive touch pads, with headers for the remaining 3 electrode connections. With this shield you can have a total of 12 touch sensitive buttons. An on-board logic level converter allows it to work with 5V and 3.3V Arduino boards. Simply solder on some header pins and stack it on to your Arduino for a convenient input device. Check below for some example code to get you started.




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