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Cobertor Luminoso para Pulsador

Cobertor Luminoso para Pulsador
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Cobertor Luminoso para Pulsador


Icecube Light Pipe Switch

sku: COM-08807

Description: Icecube is a creative combination of a light pipe and a switch. It's basically a clear button that you can light up to be any color! The plastic allows any light source to be routed into the clear plastic. The Icecube then clips to the head of a regular momentary switch. We used a switch with a tall actuator so that we could use the Icecube with a standard 5mm LED. The Icecube works best when incorporated into a frame or bezel. The bezel will shroud the Icecube allowing the button much greater contrast as well as supporting the Icecube on top of the switch.

Documents: Dimensional Drawing



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