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Modem de Gran Longitud 433Mhz

Modem de Gran Longitud 433Mhz
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MODEM 433MHZ ALCANCE DE 1000 mtrs (1 KM)   puerto serial  TX a 1200 bps  conéctalo directamente al puerto serial RS232 o a través de un micro.

INCLUYE: modem, antena, cables y jumpers


Description: 433MHz Long Range Radio from HAC. These small modems use a seamless serial interface - whatever serial character enters the TX pin at 1200bps shows up on the other unit's RX pin. All buffering and error detection is handled internally. And the best part - with 10mW output, it reaches over 1000m!

This unit can be attached to TTL level serial (for microcontrollers) or directly to RS232 for incredibly simple serial cable replacement!

  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V-5.5V
  • 1200bps over 1000m
  • Modulation type: GFSK
  • 8 Channels jumper selectable
  • Low power : 30mA RX, 40mA TX, 20uA Sleep
  • Small footprint size: 26x47mm

Documents: HAC-UM96 Datasheet (Serves both UM96 and UM12)
Supported Antennae: Kit comes with 1/4 wave 50Ohm antenna and communications cable!

Sold in single units.


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