Conversor USB a SERIAL RS232

Conversor USB a SERIAL RS232
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Conversor USB a SERIAL RS232

Se trata de un convertidor de USB a protocolo serial RS232 ideales entre muchas aplicaciones para laptop nuevos que ya no tienen incorporador el puerto serie




USB to RS232 Converter


Description: There are a lot of devices out there that still communicate over RS232 but we bet your new laptop isn't one of them. Don't worry, though, we've got you covered. This converter plugs into your computer's USB port and provides you with a DB-9 RSR232 connection. After installing the drivers onto your Windows, Mac or RedHat Linux system, the FTDI chipset inside the cable will enumerate as a COM port with a buad rate adjustable to whatever setup you want to connect to.


  • USB to RS232 Converter Cable
  • Driver CD

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