Osciloscopio USB, Analizador Logico, Generador de Funciones

Osciloscopio USB, Analizador Logico, Generador de Funciones
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Osciloscopio USB, Analizador Logico, Generador de Funciones

Tremenda Herramienta la puedes usar a 200MSa (200 Millones de muestra por segundo) como OSCILOSCOPIO, ANALIZADOR LOGICO O GENERADOR DE FUNCIONES.

USB Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer

sku: TOL-09263


Description: This is a powerful test instrument that includes a 200MSa/s (two hundred mega-samples per second) oscilloscope, 200MSa/s logic analyzer, 100MSa/s function generator, a TDR, and comes in a very small portable package. It connects to your computer via USB and is powered by USB. All channels sample simultaneously at a max rate of 200MSa/s (5ns).

Triggering options include:
  • Trigger level rising edge
  • Trigger level falling edge
  • Pulse width and count
  • 8 bit logic analyzer
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • External trigger output. Use this to trigger other instruments.?
Pattern generator options include:
  • Output synchronized start with MSO
  • Output controlled by MSO trigger (Analog, digital or serial)
  • Variable pattern length
  • Independent pattern clock rate
  • Built in data creation wizard and option to load data files
Package includes:
  • MSO-19.2 Logic Analyzer
  • CD with software and drivers. Software updates can be found here.
  • x1/x10 probe with hook test attachment
  • 8 pin wiring harness with ground cables
  • EZ Hook test probes
  • mini B to A USB cable




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