Robot Raton Tamiya 70068

Robot Raton Tamiya 70068
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Robot Raton Tamiya 70068


Posee dos motores electricos que estan configurados para detectar y posicionarse cerca a la pared, usando micro switch de activacion on /off de los motores evita obstaculos en su desplazamiento.


FEATURES: Configured to represent a mouse moving along a wall. Powered by two electric motors. Using a micro switch and a feeler whisker to start or stop power to the motors, the mouse will always keep hugging the wall. Preassembled gearbox uses a worm gear for power and long life. Vacuum formed mouse body and sturdy chassis are made from tough plastic. Detailed pictorial instructions.

INCLUDES: One Wall Hugging Mouse Assembly Kit.

COMMENTS: Keep away from children under 3 years of age due to choking hazard.


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