Modulo Receptor GPS

Modulo Receptor GPS
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MODULO RECEPTOR GPS (Posicionamiento Global)


Ahora es Facil y Sencillo de usar , este modulo GPS de Parallax con antena incorporada que se enlaza hasta con doce satelites, puedes conectarlo directo a tu PC colocando solo un max 232 o usar un micro para realizar multiples proyectos y aplicaciones



Does your project need to be able to track its position globally? When used in an outdoor environment, the Parallax GPS Receiver with its integrated patch antenna can provide standard raw NMEA0183 strings or specific data from up to 12 satellites via a standard serial interface.

The module provides current time, date, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and travel direction/heading among other data, and can be used in a host of applications, including navigation, tracking systems, mapping, fleet management and robotics.

The Parallax GPS Receiver Module includes a programmable Parallax SX microprocessor and open-source control firmware for advanced users who wish to modify it. This source code is not supported by Parallax, but is offered as a free download below.

This device can be connected to a PC serial port using a MAX232 line driver. The circuit isn't supported by Parallax, but it's possible to make this connection with a few dollars of parts.

  • Single-wire 4800 bps TTL Serial interface to BASIC Stamp, SX and Propeller microcontrollers.
  • Provides either raw NMEA0183 strings or specific data, making it easier to use on the BASIC Stamp microcontrollers.
  • Simple/raw mode selectable via I/O control.
  • Single +5VDC supply @ 115 mA (typical)
  • Standard 4-pin header interface (.100" spacing).

GPS Reciever Manual v1.1 (.pdf)
GPS Demo (.bs2)
SX/B Control Firmware (.sxb)


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