Convertidor DAC0808

Convertidor DAC0808
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8-Bit D/A Converter
General Description

The DAC0808 is an 8-bit monolithic digital-to-analog converter
(DAC) featuring a full scale output current settling time
of 150 ns while dissipating only 33 mW with ?5V supplies.
No reference current (IREF) trimming is required for most
applications since the full scale output current is typically ?1
LSB of 255 IREF/256. Relative accuracies of better than
?0.19% assure 8-bit monotonicity and linearity while zero
level output current of less than 4 ?A provides 8-bit zero
accuracy for IREF?2 mA. The power supply currents of the
DAC0808 is independent of bit codes, and exhibits essentially
constant device characteristics over the entire supply
voltage range.

* Relative accuracy: ?0.19% error maximum
* Full scale current match: ?1 LSB typ
* Fast settling time: 150 ns typ
* Noninverting digital inputs are TTL and CMOS
* High speed multiplying input slew rate: 8 mA/?s
* Power supply voltage range: ?4.5V to ?18V
* Low power consumption: 33 mW @ ?5V


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