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Modulo Tarjeta Laser Rojo

Modulo Tarjeta Laser Rojo
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Modulo Tarjeta Laser Rojo

Este pequeño módulo se alimenta con 3V y proyecta un punto muy claro, brillante de color rojo

Voltaje de entrada 3Vdc

Consume 0.8mW

Laser Card Module - Red

sku: COM-00594

Description: What is a 'laser card' you ask? It is only the coolest thing to hit Spark Fun Electronics since the Color LCD last week! Don't be fooled by the 0.8mW rating. This little module is powered with 3V and projects a very clear, bright, red dot pretty much wherever you point it. If only it had that 'Beware of Laser Radiation' sticker on it...

Documents: Laser-Card.pdf



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