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Robot BOE-BOT USB Parallax

Robot BOE-BOT USB Parallax
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¿Quieres aprender robótica? El robot Boe-Bot es el más apropiado para construir y aprender a programar usando el lenguaje más fácil 

Robot BOE-BOT para Proyectos de Tecnología y Aplicación de Microcontroladores, versión USB Parallax - 28832

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Parallax Perspective:

Boe-Bot Robot Kit - USB Version




Downloads & Resources:
Board of Education USB Manual v2.0 (.pdf)
Robotics with the Boe-Bot Text v3.0 (.pdf)
Light Sensor Example (.zip)
BASIC Stamp FAQ (.pdf)
BASIC Stamp Manual v2.2 (.pdf)
BOE USB Schematic (.pdf)
Javelin Stamp Example Code (.zip)
Javelin Stamp Resources and Libraries (.zip)
Robot Comparison Chart
Boe-Bot Following Video on YouTube (Off Site)
Assorted CSUS Boe Bot Videos
Boy Scouts of America Robotics Merit Badge

The ever-popular Boe-Bot® Robot Full Kit is now available with a USB-compatible Board of Education (BOE) - at no additional cost to the consumer! Programming the BASIC Stamp via USB is an elegant solution for laptops and newer PCs which have no serial ports (no more adapters required!). USB driver installation instructions are available for download.

We're particularly proud of Andy Lindsay's new Robotics with the Boe-Bot text. The Robotics text includes 41 new activities for the Boe-Bot Robot with structured PBASIC 2.5 source code support and bonus challenges with solutions in each chapter. Starting with basic movement and proceeding to sensor-based projects, customers quickly learn how the Boe-Bot is expandable for many different robotic projects. No previous robotics, electronics or programming experience is necessary.

Parallax offers the most complete, clear and interesting support for this kit. Over 90,000 Boe-Bot robots are in use by hobbyists, educators and students around the world, which provided lots of feedback for improvements to this popular kit along the way.

The Boe-Bot Robot is built on a high-quality brushed aluminum chassis that provides a sturdy platform for the continuous rotation servo motors and BASIC Stamp's USB Board of Education. Many mounting holes and slots may be used to add custom robotic equipment or off-the-shelf Parallax add-ons. The rear wheel is a slider ball held in place with a cotter pin. Drive wheels are molded to fit precisely on the servo spline and held in place with a small screw. 

What really makes the Boe-Bot unique is the BASIC Stamp microcontroller's flexibility of programming when coupled with breadboard circuit construction. Following along in Robotics with the Boe-Bot, users quickly learn about embedded projects, from wiring and components to programming and mechanical dependencies. The kit includes a set of passive components (wires, resistors, capacitors), sensors (photoresistors, bumpers, infrared sensors) and hardware (whisker touch-sensor kit) to complete the different projects.

The Boe-Bot Robot takes about 1-2 hours to put together, though each project in the Robotics text provides a unique new experience of wiring and source code tuning. Completing the entire set of projects takes 50 hours and is suitable for anybody over 12 years of age. The USB Board of Education (and BS2-IC) may also be removed to be used as your platform for the other kits in the Stamps in Class series.

After mastering the basics, Boe-Bot Robot accessories let you branch out into new activities, such as making your Boe-Bot talk with a speech board, adding infrared remote control, maze contests, line following, interfacing direction sensors, and using RF modules and video/camera equipment to build a Video-Bot. Boe-Bot accessories are all sold separately, and are available through the Robot Accessories page below.






Alarmas (20)
Android (2)
Arduino (31)
Audifonos (18)
Audio y Video Repuestos (65)
Automotriz (60)
Baterias de Lithium (3)
Bobinas / Transformadores (13)
Bombillos Led (152)
Borrador UV EPROM (1)
Breakers / Contactores (65)
Buzzer / Altavoz/ Sirenas (11)
Cables (130)
Cajas de seguridad
Cajas Plasticas-Metal (14)
Camaras-DVR-NVR (103)
Cargador USB- Power Bank (20)
Celdas PELTIER (2)
Cerco Electrico (27)
Cerradura (10)
Cinta Led Neon (33)
Circuito Impreso PCB (31)
Circuitos Integrados (92)
Codiplug (26)
Computacion (9)
Condensadores (325)
Conectores-Adaptadores (312)
Contra Incendio (7)
Control de Acceso (4)
Convertidor ADC/DAC (9)
Cornetas Parlantes (14)
Cristal / Resonador (25)
Diodo Zener (58)
Diodos FotoDiodos (1)
Diodos Infrarrojos (6)
Diodos semiconductor (28)
Disco Duro (29)
Dispositivos SMART Home (25)
Exceline Protectores (53)
Extension - Regletas (32)
Fan Cooler Ventiladores (5)
Ferreteria (277)
Fibra Optica Drop (39)
Fusibles-Portafusibles (67)
GPS / GSM / GPRS (4)
Herramientas Y Equipos (93)
Ibuttons (3)
IC Socket / BASES (34)
Impresoras - Tintas (8)
Kits y Modulos (63)
Lamparas Colgantes (31)
Lamparas de Pared / Techo (36)
Lcd's y Display (28)
LEDS y LUCES (230)
Linternas Lamparas Emergencia (38)
Lubricantes / aceites (41)
Memoria PC/LAPTOP (11)
Memorias (18)
Micas-Bujes-Disipador (17)
Microcontroladores (26)
Microfonos (16)
Modulos RF / WIRELESS (40)
Motores (15)
Optoacopladores (24)
Panel Led -Lamparas (30)
Panel Solar (6)
PanelMeters (7)
Pendrive - MicroSD (17)
Pilas y Baterias (62)
PORTALEDS-Led Holder (2)
Potenciometro Digital
Potenciometros / Trimmers (75)
Power Bank (5)
Programadores (8)
Protector Voltaje (35)
ProtoBoards (7)
Puente de Diodos (15)
Raspberry (6)
Rastreo Vehicular
Real Time Clock Reloj (4)
Redes-> (93)
Reflector-Luminaria (84)
Reguladores (42)
Reles / Relay (20)
Resistencias (14)
Robotica (54)
Routers Wifi - Modem (64)
Sensores (80)
Sovica (1)
Switches y Pulsadores (75)
Tableros y Extractores (17)
Teclados - Mouse (44)
Telefonos - Tablets (12)
Termoencogibles (20)
Tiristores (26)
Tomas y Switches (120)
Torniquetes y Barreras
Transistores (80)
TTL - CMOS (135)
Tubos (23)
Ubiquiti / Mikrotik (17)
Vapoletas -Lamparas de Jardin (25)
Varistor (5)
Video Portero-Intercomunicador (5)
Z-General (213)
Zapatos de Seguridad-Botas PVC (13)
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