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Screw Shield para Arduino

Screw Shield para Arduino
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Screw Shield para Arduino

El Screw Shield extiende todos los pines del Arduino a terminales Atornillables de paso3.5mm. También cuenta con una gran cantidad de perforaciones utilidad proporcionada por Arduino Protoshield, entre ellas: un botón de reinicio,y en el pin LED D13

Listo para Usar, con diagramacion en el PCB


The Screw Shield extends all pins of the Arduino out to 3.5mm pitch screw terminals. It also has a lot of the utility provided by Arduino Protoshield, including: a large prototyping space of both connected and unconnected 0.1" spaced through-holes, a couple 5V and GND busses, a reset button, and a 5mm green LED.

The Screw terminal can be screwed directly to the terminal on the thread and is reliable and convenient. It can be plugged into the Arduino controller. You can use this shield to save yourself from the bad port connection. Feel secure with this arduino-compatible screw shield.



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